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32,83 EUR*
Details Learning Ict in the Arts (Teaching Ict Through the Primary Curriculum)

Learning ICT in the Arts Providing practical guidance on enhancing learning through ICT in the Arts, this book is made up of a series of projects that supplement, augment and extend the QCA ICT scheme. It also provides much-needed links with Units in ...

32,89 EUR*
Details Teaching Adults ICT Skills (Further Education)

Teaching Adults ICT Skills This book covers all aspects of an ICT programme and develops teachers' and trainers' skills in enabling successful ICT learning. Full description

27,75 EUR*
Details A2 Level ICT for AQA (A-Level ICT for AQA)

A2 Level ICT for AQA This student text provides complete coverage of the AQA specifications at A2. A task driven approach ensures that the student is able to understand the role and use of information and communication technology within organisations ...

27,85 EUR*
Details Primary ICT for Teaching Assistants

Primary ICT for Teaching Assistants With focus on enhancing the ICT competence of the pupils whom you support, this book shows how you can support students within the ICT programme of study. It suggests activities for developing skills, familiarity ...

26,49 EUR*
Details Ict Fluency and High Schools: A Workshop Summary

ICT Fluency and High Schools ICT Fluency and High Schools: A Workshop Summary Full description

168,89 EUR*
Details Funkwerk Modul 2xS0, V2.0 (1xS0 schaltbar, 1xSo intern) für ICT-Systeme

ELMEG Modul 2 S0 / V.2.0 fuer ICT-Familie und elmeg T484 / bei ICT zwei S0 ext / int. / T484 ein S0 ext. /int. / 1 S0 intern

34,09 EUR*
Details Maths and Ict in the Primary School: A Creative Approach

Maths and ICT in the Primary School By clearly outlining how ICT can enhance and improve children's learning, this book shows how to unleash the full potential of ICT within the classroom. Stimulating, useful and free of jargon, the book provides many ...

172,99 EUR*
Details Frameworks for Ict Policy: Government, Social and Legal Issues (Advances in IT Standards and Standardization Research)

Frameworks for ICT Policy A reference on ICT policy framework that provides background information for scholars and researchers who are interested in carrying out research on ICT policies and promotes the understanding of policies guiding technology.

93,08 EUR*
Details Targeted Advertising Technologies in the ICT Space: A Use Case Driven Analysis

Targeted Advertising Technologies in the ICT Space Deals with targeted advertising technologies in the ICT space as well as their strategic business implications. This title provides information derived from expert interviews and literature research ...

32,04 EUR*
Details Complete Ict for Igcserg

Written by a leading ICT author, teacher and examiner, the book comprehensively covers all the material needed for the three examination papers and includes a wealth of practice and revision activities. With its highly interactive approach and ...

49,90 EUR*
Details A study on ICT security management system in universities of Uganda

A Study on Ict Security Management System in Universities of Uganda ICT security has been one of the major causes of problems in the world in that billions of dollars are lost every year because of cyber terrorism that has become a way to destroy the ...

18,99 EUR*
Details OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT for Units R001 and R002 (Microsoft Windows 7 & Office 2010)

OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT for Units R001 and R002 (Microsoft Windows 7 & Office 2010) Approved by OCR and written specifically for the new OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT syllabus (units R001 and R002). This flexible course companion and revision ...